What are the plus points of riding a motorcycle?

Motorcycles are a very popular form of transportation and leisure all over the world. An increasing number of commuters now prefer this two-wheeled vehicle over four-wheeled cars as it is viable as everyday transportation. Whatever the reason is riding motorcycles always has several plus points over driving a car.

1.    Who loves thrills?

One of the best things about motorcycle riding is that the thrill we get out of a two-wheeled machine is much higher than riding a car. Though the risk involved with this is also high. But if the driver is intelligent and aware enough, the journey is really fun.

2.    More economical

Motorcycles often outperform four wheelers when it comes down to the distance you can travel with per gallon of petrol. While some bikes offer 60-70 miles per gallon it’s no wonder why so many people choose to get to work on motorcycles.

3.    Insurance

Insurance costs for motorcycles are far less compared to cars. Thus it saves lots of money.

4.    Easy Parking

Motorbikes can be easily parked into tiny parking spots. Since the parking spots are very limited in busy towns commuting through bikes are really convenient. Moreover, some parking lots allow motorcycles for free.

5.    Low Environmental pollution

If you do really care of your Mother Nature then you must be aware of the concept of carbon footprint. Luckily motorcycles cause minimum environmental impact.

6.    Motorcycle riding is therapeutic

Riding Motorcycles is considered as a good therapy as it causes an adrenaline kick which de-stress our body and mind to a great extent. Researchers have found that driving a motorcycle involves more brain power than a car driving. Thus it helps to increase overall cognitive functioning.

7.    Workout

Riding motorcycles involves physical strength. Not only is it good for brain power, but it is also an effective physical workout that improves insulin sensitivity. If you want to boost your metabolism and burn calories in a fun and exciting way, then riding a motorcycle can be a true solution. Apart from this riding motorcycle also improves muscle tone.

8.    The cool factor:

Let’s admit that bikers look cooler than a car owner. When you enter a restaurant with a helmet under your arm, there is likely you will turn more heads. Motorcyclists are somehow seen to be cooler than car drivers. Moreover, the sense of sheer freedom, self-sufficiency, and independence that comes from the bike riding, no other vehicles can offer.

Sarah Daniel


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