Tips to Prevent Car Windows Getting Fogged

Fogging up car windows is a common problem from which more or less all car owners and drivers suffer. Though fog seems harmless and an ordinary issue, but it can lead you to a fatal accident as it blocks the visibility and makes the road look hazy. So, one must deal with this problem properly to ensure the safety of their passengers.

Why car windows get fog condensation?

Generally, fog forms when warm moist air gets into contact with some cold surface. In the car, too same thing happens. When hot air full with moistures get into contact with cold window glasses, the vapor condenses and forms fog. Thus the windows get blurry and hazy. Mainly this problem gets bigger in cold weather.

Some other reasons for intensifying fog on windows are –

•    Hot food

•    Ice carried with boots

•    Wet clothes   

•    Moist car flooring

Also, little fog can be there if it’s hot outside and cold inside your car. But it doesn’t get much intense like the vice versa situation.

How to prevent windows from getting fogged up?

General solutions:

•    An easy remedy to this problem that many people use is to breathe closely to the windows. Your warm moist breath immediately makes a mark on the window clearing the fog.

•    Also clear your car windows regularly and park in the garage with windows open. The more air passes inside, the better the clarity you get.

Weather-based remedies:

In cold weather, if you start on the heater, it’ll cause more fog. In this case, do the following –

•    Set the heater on the highest point.

•    Start the AC.

•    Switch off recirculation mode.   

•    Open the car windows for some minutes.

In hot weather, the fog intensifies outside. To prevent that –

•    Use wipers to wipe it from the outer surface.

•    Turn the AC to the lowest point. •    Open the windows.

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