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NZ Motorcycle Holidays

Perhaps you have already joined us on one of our NZ Motorcycle Tour and Accomodation packages or Weekender Guided Rides,  or you just know that you are ready for a longer adventure. Our Motorcycle Holiday Tours are the right choice for you.

Motorcycle Holiday tours are personalised motorbike rides for groups of two to four bikes only. Following the same theme of exploring all the best places but without a fixed route, we expand our horizon to take in more of New Zealand. How much more? That is up to you! Anywhere from 7 to 21 days allows you to explore as much of New Zealand as you like.

We work with you and your group of friends to choose where to go and for how long. With our experience of riding throughout New Zealand, we plan where to stay, where to stop during the day and how we get there. With our guidance, the exact route we take becomes a joint decision during our daily briefing and throughout the day.

ing a true personalised guided ride, there are no compromises. This tour is for you alone so you know that once you start your tour you can relax and enjoy what is to come. Just Ride.

Tell us what's your ride.