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NZ Motorbike Weekend Tours

Weekender Guided Rides make the most of your available time to bring you the satisfaction of a tour without the time commitment.  These are 2 to 4 day guided tours running Friday -Saturday -Sunday and Monday.

As on our Stay and Ride tours, our Weekender Guided Rides explore an area but here we include one or two overnight stays before looping back to our starting point. This allows you to explore further afar and take in more of the unique New Zealand scenery. Since it is only one or two nights away you can pack light making your ride more enjoyable. You can leave the rest of your gear at Just Ride's home base where it will be safe and secure.

Our overnight stays are prebooked and although we will be there at the end of the day, the route we take is up to us. Perhaps we want to enjoy some more twisties? Sure. We know where those gorgeous backroads are. How about an extra stop? Yep, we have just the place in mind to enjoy that coffee and brownie while taking in the views. The joy of these rides is how easy we have made them for you to enjoy.

As you are having so much fun, why not stay longer? A favourite option is to extend your Weekender Guided Ride to a full 7 days for a truly memorable experience. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances, we can organise this while you are on tour! Let us know if you are interested.