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NZ Motorbike Tour and accomodation

Where our NZ Motorbike Weekender Tour are a trip away, the NZ Motorbike Tour and Accomodation experience is like going out for day ride from home. You get up in the morning, get in your gear, start your bike and just go for a ride. Explore, enjoy great stops then come back home knowing everything is there waiting for you. Sounds ideal doesn't it?

With a duration from 2 to 4 days, Stay and Ride guided tours are pure riding enjoyment. With no need to pack and unpack each day as when you are on an end to end tour, the day starts easy with a leisurely breakfast and still get a full day's riding.

On these rides there are no fixed routes. We explore a specific area but the route ridden each day is chosen to  get the best out of the day. If the weather is less good in the West, we'll go somewhere else. If we have enjoyed the previous days' ride and we want to experience something similar again, we know just where to go.

Stay and Ride guided tours are based out of our beatifull location in Auckland. Surrounded by native forest it is a peacfull and relaxing place to unwind after an exhilarating day on your motorbike. Within a ten minute walk you can enjoy a stroll on the beach or take a ten minute ride to downtown Auckland to enjoy the exciting nightlife. Want to stay in? You can enjoy a soothing spa or  relax in the guest lounge with it's own well stocked library and entertainment centre. 

And finally, choose to Stay and Ride for 3 days or more and you get to stay with us the night before your first day's ride for FREE! So you get maximim riding right from the first day. How cool is that?