Guided Motorbike Tours in New Zealand!


motorcycle Auckland day tour

Just Ride guided motorbike tours are different.

We specialise on short duration rides like our NZ Motorcycle Day Trips and NZ Motorbike Weekend Tours that fit in with your holiday plans or your working week. You will find options from 2 to 4 days. Just pick one that best fits your needs.

If you would like a longer motorbike tour, check out our NZ Motorcycle Holidays that we hold once or twice a year. These are personalised small group tours where you join us on one of our special trips to hidden places in New Zealand.

We know that a ride is enjoyed in many different ways. That is why for your motorbike tour in New Zealand we pick routes to suit your needs, whether it is for taking in the stunning scenery, enjoying a challenging twisty road or covering long distances.

 On these rides we travel light, just overnight luggage for our NZ Motorbike Weekend Tour, or for our NZ Motorbike Tour and Accomodation excursions, just what you need for the day. This minimises the time messing with gear and maximises the time enjoying the ride.






Motorbike touring with cafe breaks in Mangawhai



We have very small riding groups, often six or fewer bikes. Our trips are easier to organise and every rider gets personal attention.  Everyone gets to know everyone else very quickly and we all have a relaxing and enjoyable time.



Scenic mtorbike cruising New Zealand




 Our guided rides are not limited to fixed routes. We explore specific areas but the route we choose varies according to the day's needs. Each day's ride is taylored to bring out the best of the day. This offers greater flexibility to change the ride to suit the desires of the group. And since the groups are small this is much easier to do.


You have more time and want to explore more of New Zealand?

Touring on motorcycles to Taranaki New Zealand

Join us on one of our personalised 7-14 day NZ Motorcycle Holidays that we offer once or twice a year. There is no time to loose. Start planning your New Zealand motorcycle adventure by contacting us here!


Choose from some great motorbike tours in New Zealand below.

 Enjoying a break on Motorcycle tours North Island New Zealand


NZ Motorbike Tour and accomodation

Enjoy a different ride each day and return to the same great place to stay. Want to finish your ride early? No problem! Your accomodation is ready for you whenever you need.

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NZ Motorbike Weekend Tours

Want a guided trip but can't fit one into your schedule? Our guided Weekend Rides are the perfect choice

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NZ Motorcycle Holidays

You want to explore New Zealand and you have the time. Horizon tours happen only once or twice a year. Join us on an intimate journey around all the places we love. Only for a few.

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NZ Motorcycle Day Trips

Think you don't have enough time to enjoy a motorcycle tour? Think again! Our Day Rides pack in all the fun and excitment of a motorbike tour with the convenience of an easy day ride.

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